Anyone ever collect those Travel Coupon Guides you find in

The coupons in them usually bring the price down around $40 to $50, that is good, and even as low as $35 in the south or parts of the midwest. Logged Every day is a …

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Strange habits you have

We were at Bed Bath & Beyond today to get towels and electric toothbrush heads (hey, the ubiquitous 20% off coupons are HUGE as to the latter). I saw this and immediately remembered this thread, although I had to search the forum to find it. I hope this doesn’t bring back traumatic memories for anyone. (I didn’t buy one.)

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Worst experience you have ever had with a restaurant and

Off-Topic > Worst experience you have ever had with a restaurant and its staff? (I don't know exactly how old I was), when my family decided to use three coupons to get some free frozen yogurt from a strip mall with some coupons we had. There was no fine print on those coupons except for the expiration date.

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Sunpass and EZPass

Dollar had by far the most expensive Toll-By-Plate ($7.49 at day, $39.49 a week, came close to $45 with taxes and whatnat), wheras some companies are as cheap as $2 + tolls a day, but I rented with them before and they sent me a coupon code I couldn't refuse, I got what they called a mid-sized SUV (actually what most people would call a compact

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Kohl's to drop Chaps brand

Kohl's to drop Chaps brand. « on: February 17, 2021, 03:00:45 PM ». Looks like Kohl's is dropping the Chaps clothing brand by the end of the year. For those who don't know, Chaps is Ralph Lauren's lower cost brand. Besides Kohl's, the other two main retailers for Chaps are Belk and Amazon. I wonder if competitor IZOD will benefit from this.

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A 'Gulf' Station

We could probably have a whole thread on the off-topic side, if we wanted, about knock-off brand names. I recall when I was a little kid, there was a hotel down at the south end of Nags Head called the Armada Inn—it was built to be a Ramada, but the chain rejected it, so they reversed two letters.

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Service Plazas on non-toll highways

On the other hand, the Indiana Toll Road travel plazas are more expensive than off-toll road options, and I choose to use the Meijer in Sturgis, Michigan instead as I can get a lower gas price and a discount (and even mperks coupons if offered at the time).

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Autocomplete Game

Settings -> Search Settings -> turn off Google Instant predictions. I'm using Chrome and it kept trying to put my search in the Address bar (okay, "omnibar") as soon as I began typing. To get around that, just make a search for whatever once, then try again from the results page for your first search. The suggestions will still appear.

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Fast food toys so good that people throw out the food

Off-Topic > Fast food toys so good that people throw out the food Now, if you got a free fry that had the coupons on it, that was a different story at least. I would hate it when it would give you a free breakfast sandwich or free coffee or anything like that. I hate McDonald's breakfast, and even being free isn't enough to get me to eat it

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Minor things that bother you

Rite Aid gave 20% off (more than employee discounts at most stores), excluding prescriptions, to anyone who bought more than a certain amount. However, their items are expensive to begin with. On the other hand, they were one of the most reliable places to get 75% off …

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Sears-Kmart Death Watch

Re: Sears-Kmart Death Watch. Just looked and there are no more Kmarts and only one Sears left in all of New England. There are only 9 Kmarts left within 100 miles of NYC, and also only 5 full service Sears left north and east of Philly (South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Newburgh, Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Sunrise Mall in Massapequa). I know late

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Service Plazas on non-toll highways

The restaurants often have limited menus and don't take part in lots of franchise promotions such as sales, value menus, coupons, and in some cases, the prices are higher, too, than they would be at the same brand of restaurant located off of the freeway exits. They also don't have the convenience of drive-thrus.

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Roadside chains with at least one foot in the grave

Off-Topic > Roadside chains with at least one foot in the grave When you’re in a business where penny-pinching customers sift through ValPak coupons to decide whether to buy a sub-$10 pizza from you or Little Caesars, product quality is secondary. Domino’s is probably safe bashing their past quality standards because most of their

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Kentucky to Delaware via Reedville, VA

When I went into the plaza to use the restroom, I walked around and noticed that the chain restaurants there all have signs stating they do not take coupons. That's a crock, but I guess the concessionaires can do pretty much what they want, given that I had paid $4.50 for a not-that-big ice cream cone the day before at the Delaware plaza.

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Has anyone traded in a car with an outstanding loan on it

I bought a new 2017 Honda Civic Coupe Touring about a week and a half ago. I traded in my old 2013 Civic which still had 7.6k still owed on it, but I got 7.5k for the trade in and then rolled the remainder into a new loan for the new car.

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Hotels you like to stay at while on the road

While it isn't a 100% lock, a brand change is a very strong indication that a property is headed downhill. There are some brands—Quality Inn, Days Inn, and Ramada immediately come to mind—that consist almost entirely of conversions (as opposed to new constructions).

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