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Magic Extra Life 2019 MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Since this article first ran, Magic Extra Life has already raised over $50,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital—and we’re just getting started!Our campaign is in full swing and there are tons of ways to get involved. We’re raising funds through a dedicated product, a creator campaign, Extra Life streams, and auctions for uncut sheets.

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Having Lands on Hand MAGIC: THE GATHERING

I really like people to buy more stuff, or to come back later, so I tend to offer discounts on future events. It doesn't have to be much - say, a dollar off FNM this week if you give me the basics from that box you just bought. You could even make that a regular policy - bring, say, 100 lands to FNM, get a dollar off …

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Introducing Justin Ziran MAGIC: THE GATHERING

The Future of Magic Online and this column Looking forward First off, I’ll start by thanking Dan for the warm welcome and all the hard work over the years. Your passion for gaming and Magic Online specifically is unmatched and will be missed. Good luck and Go Browns! Introductions please For those of you who have not had the chance to read the boards, my name is Justin

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All That Twitters Is Not Gold MAGIC: THE GATHERING

hybrid Some scam involving misprinted coupons. People are suckers for "something for nothing." about five hours ago from web: mturian wonders how much longer he has to wait out in the stairwell. about five hours ago from TwitterFon: hybrid S.C. and I talked about the whereabouts of some of our siblings. Last I heard, Free Mechanic was grifting

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PayPal, Scott Larabee, and much more MAGIC: THE GATHERING

PayPal, Scott Larabee, and much more. Posted in Feature on December 15, 2005. By Bennie Smith. Bio Archive Twitter. Bennie Smith began playing Magic in 1994 and started writing about it shortly after. A Virginia State Champion, he enjoys few things better than winning at tournaments with home brews. Bennie has a weekly column on

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Magicthegathering.combos—Lorwyn edition MAGIC: THE …

As most of you know, I had to stop writing my column a couple of years ago because I couldn't keep churning out that column and the weekly "Making Mayhem" column I write for a certain supervillain website that shall remain unnamed. Since I'd been writing "Making Mayhem" for so much longer, I decided to stick with that one. As a special treat to you, I'm cross …

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A Fine Vintage, Indeed MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Worlds preview The 2004 Magic World Championships are just around the corner, with opening ceremonies kicking off the event Wednesday, Sept. 1 in San Francisco. Randy Buehler sets the stage with this video preview (Windows Media Player, 20 MB). Vintage is a tricky format. I am not talking about the vast card pool and complex card interactions or even the steep

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