Fraud Lurks In ‘Cents Off’ Promotions

Retailers complain that the “cents off” promotions are turning check‐out personnel into thieves. Some will bring in $3 or $4 worth of coupons a day, stick them in the cash register and

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Coupons: For Some, a Collector's Item

The ones I used the most were the cents‐off coupons; these reduce the item's retail price by the face value of the coupon (5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents). Using cents‐off coupons made my

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What You Need to Know About Beyond Plus Reviews by

The two biggest benefits of becoming a Beyond+ member are continuous access to 20% off coupons (both online and in-store) and free shipping on most items with no …

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Bed Bath and Beyond’s Big, Ubiquitous Coupon: An Oral

In the early years, the coupons were infrequent, attached to circulars and for offers like $5 off a purchase of at least $15. But then Rita Little, who had gone through the executive training

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Fistfuls of Coupons

Ford has paid $113.4 million to settle 334 death and injury claims involving the Bronco II. With coupon deals more popular now, a cottage industry that deals in trading scrip for cash has sprung

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Cheating Irks Coupon Issuers

Only about 10 per cent of the coupons are redeemed, however, which might make the proportion of cheating even worse. Nielsen figured that 14.5 billion coupons were distrib uted in …

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Coupon Clipping as the Key to Economic Rebirth

A bulging nylon binder, which she had seated like a toddler in the front of her cart, held six StarKist coupons for 50 cents off; paired with Albertsons coupons, they were worth a …

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CONSUMER'S WORLD; Electronic 'Coupons': Savings but No

Last year, consumers redeemed $3.12 billion worth of coupons, according to the Nielsen Clearing House, a Chicago coupon processor. But redemption of paper coupons has leveled off …

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SPENDING IT;50 Cents Off! 2 for 1! But Get Them While You

Darting toward the pet food section, he passed over the Purina brands on sale and nabbed six bags of Whisker Lickins to match six coupons, each saving him up to 40 cents off …

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Cents-Off Coupons via Your Cellphone

Whenever that merchant has an offer, users receive the coupon code via text message. Last week, for instance, users could save 15 percent off the purchase of two cases of dog food at Groom-O-Rama

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Advertising: Cents‐Off Coupons

Although the long‐range benefits of cents‐off coupons may be disparaged by some Marketing men, major package goods companies still believe …

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8 INDICTED HERE IN COUPON FRAUD; Ring Accused of Obtaining

He said the defendants had made off with thousands of copies still bundled for circulation. Another rich source of coupons for the public is mail delivery. One postman can carry $5,000 to $10,000

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The most common are manufacturers' coupons, which translate into a cut of about 20 cents, on average, off the regular price of an item. Retailers also …

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In l976, the average coupon's value was l4.2 cents. Last year, it was 18.5 cents. Critics of coupons derive their greatest ammunition from two related factors. One concerns the improper practices

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Given Fewer Coupons, Shoppers Snub Macy’s

For years, Karen Gundling, 41, a communications consultant in Parma, Ohio, relied on 20-percent-off coupons from Kaufmann’s in Cleveland to buy shoes. Then Macy’s took over.

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