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IBR Celebrates 50 Years of Saving Wildlife

JD: International Bird Rescue came to be after a very large oil spill outside of the Golden Gate Bridge in January of 1971. Alice Berkner, who was a registered nurse, helped coalesce a group of volunteers. She took the rigors and protocols of human medicine and established a way to help, bird by bird, while working with the oil company to find a solution, rather than picketing against them.

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Our Impact for helping Community, Gender Equality, Rescue

P&G Good Everyday Initiatives in the USA like bird & animal rescue, clean drinking water, hand sanitizer, hygiene products, reducing plastic waste, and period poverty. #genderequality #environmentalsustainability #savewildlife Visit to know more details. Together, we’re creating a …

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QUIZ: Who Does the Heavy Lifting at Chore Time

Home Earn Points Rewards Good News Impact Coupons. QUIZ: Who Does the Heavy Lifting at Chore Time? Back. Share. QUIZ: Who Does the Heavy Lifting at Chore Time? Let’s find out! Take the quiz to earn 10 points. For most couples and families, housework is not divided evenly and fairly — resulting in what’s commonly called the chore gap. Test

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10 Easy Ways You Can Be Sustainable at Home

10 Easy Ways When it comes to preserving and protecting our planet, it’s the little things we do every day that really add up and can make a world of difference.

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