How to Boost Your E-commerce Store‘s SEO by Offering Promo

They offer 40% off storewide with a seasonal winter promo code: And they also offer 25% off for referrals: Encourage Reviews. Offer promo code discounts to your audience as an incentive provide reviews of your products. If you are already familiar with e-commerce SEO, you realize how important reviews are for Google Shopping search results.

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How to Stop Losing Shoppers During the Checkout Process

The shopper may start looking for a coupon code on the web or in email but if they can’t find one they can abandon the shopping cart or finish checkout not fully satisfied. Worst case, they go to another website that is offering the same product with a coupon code for a comparable price.

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Product Reviews for Ecommerce Websites and UGC: How To

You could offer a coupon code for 10%–15% off the next purchase, free shipping, or a gift; these are great incentives when you ask people to leave a review. It is important to keep the message relevant. Make sure the person you are asking a review from has recently tried the product.

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10 Ways To Reduce Cart Abandonment and Recapture Customers

Don’t rely solely on autoresponders to try to save abandoned carts. When you get a notification of an abandoned cart, immediately reach out and personally ask them if there’s anything you can do to help. You might discover they had a coupon code that didn’t work, a problem with getting a card authorized or some other question.

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6 SEO Best Practices That Will Triple Your Ecommerce Sales

For instance, at ChameleonJohn’s Target coupons page, key phrases (“15% Percent Off”) are placed at the beginning of the title tags telling search engines to place more importance on the key phrases. So when users punch in such queries, that page can rank easily for it. 2. Permanently 301 redirect Expired Product URLs

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How to determine if you should buy ad space or not.

Once you have a forecast for revenue based off of traffic and relevance, you can now pitch the website why they should work with you on an affiliate basis, or to negotiate a better media buy that could bring back a positive ROAS. It is also important to remember the lifetime value of a customer based off of a keyword.

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How To Fight Back Against Ad Fraud & Malicious Bots

Hoffman is a well-known critic of the advertising industry, and he’s not far off. Online Ads Are Easy Targets. Committing fraud in online advertising is both the Wild West and a fraudster’s paradise. Marketers know this still goes on and millions are still lost every month to …

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How To Host a Successful Reddit AMA

Time decay makes posts drop off a subreddit's first page after about 30 hours max. Do feel free to answer questions in spurts. Edit the post when you are going offline for a little while, with something like "Edit - I'll back in 2 hours, going to lunch." Do edit the post to sign off and thank Reddit when you are ending the AMA.

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2021: Beginner‘s Guide

Affiliate Marketing is still a growing segment, that allows you to earn money online and to create a passive income. This beginner‘s guide will take you through the basics and will show you how to get started. Find out how affiliate marketing works, how cookies are used for tracking, the different attribution-models, and how to pick the right affiliate program.

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Try These 10 Effective Bottom of Funnel Marketing Strategies

9. Extend Coupons and Discount Offers. Offers and discounts are a great way to convince even the tough buyer while closing a business deal. Whether you provide discounts on volume purchase, repeat business or offer some complimentary services for a certain period, it sure is going to delight your customer.

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How to Do a Competitor Analysis with Semrush (Including

Competitor analysis (also known as competitive analysis) is the act of identifying and evaluating your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and their marketing strategies. In this guide, we‘re going to show you how to do a competitor analysis and we‘ll also provide you with a template and a checklist to get started on your own.

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How to Optimize Your e-Commerce Store for the Holiday

Jamie: Jumping off of that, this is the good time to send out some quick email campaigns to, if you're a local business or a local SEO would be a consideration of yours, shoot out some email campaigns asking for reviews because when you can get your Google Business is a good one, Facebook reviews also rank really high.

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Video Content Marketing for Growing Ecommerce Brands on

Video content drives engagement, so it is a proven way to reach more customers in an exciting way. Most in-app social media features (e.g., video ads, geotags, stickers) help marketers deliver the brand message both within and inside of a community. #5. …

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60 Minutes With Greg Sterling

That's the sort of bland, generic advice. But it’s true. Deepak: It's amazing advice, to be honest with you. I think it's fantastic advice. Greg: Thanks. Deepak: Everybody, this has been 60 minutes with Greg on SEMrush, thank you for your time, the audience, and Greg, thank you as well. Really, it's been a pleasure.

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How to Build Your Own Niche Keyword Generator

[Brand] coupon code [Brand] reddit [Brand] free shipping [Brand] samples [Brand] travel kit [Brand] near me [Brand] return policy 9. Categorize Your Keywords Consider Your Own Categories. When specializing in a single or small set of industries, I highly recommend developing your own standard categorization.

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How To Create a Reader Persona for Your Blog: Research tips

I thought people were just tired of coupons and all this stuff. The reality is all of the couponing we did, there were a certain part of the customers that loved that. They gravitated to stores that competed that way. So our core customer, I think, was much more dependent and enjoyed coupons more than I understood. — Ron Johnson, Former JC

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How To Use Small Data To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Your store‘s data can tell you a lot about your customer and the health of your ecommerce store. Until you do data analysis, you won‘t know if your ecommerce store is actually profitable. It can also educate you on the types of products your customers like best. Find out how you can make more educated decisions for your store in this article.

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