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Discount coupons are one-time use only. Regardless of what happens to any pledges and orders that the coupon was applied to, be it refunded, reclaimed, or gifted to a friend, you cannot get it back. RSI Support staff will not assist with …

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Manage and Cancel Subscriptions – Cloud Imperium Games

Currently, we have two subscriptions you can purchase as plans (recurring payments) and passes (one time payment): Imperator and Centurion. Consider your …

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Subscriptions FAQ – Cloud Imperium Games Knowledge Base

Subscriptions are contributions that any user can make to the Star Citizen Project. Subscriptions contribute to Star Citizen project development by funding behind-the-scenes shows like Inside Star Citizen in addition to Jump Point, the monthly digital magazine about Star Citizen. This revenue also funds the development and release of subscriber-exclusive perks like the monthly flair …

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Orders FAQ – Cloud Imperium Games Knowledge Base

Retroactively apply coupon code. You will need to submit a support ticket for assistance here. The order will first need to be refunded, and you can then place the order again using your discount coupon. Keep in mind our refund policies as they will still apply. Invoice going to wrong email address

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Troubleshoot the RSI Launcher – Cloud Imperium Games

The RSI Launcher may encounter a variety of errors and issues when installing, updating, and launching the game. The issues can have underlying errors involving your system specs, network configuration, Internet Service Provider (ISP) settings, and graphic card / GPU issues.

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