The Bookworm Sez 1-11-10

Varsity Shoppers are the coupon world’s go-getters – they know how to use coupons and other methods to save on groceries. This book will fine-tune those skills and add others to the cash-off equation, for savings of up to 70 percent. Next, learn to …

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Vacs and non-vacs

To entice non-vacs to get the shot we could give coupons for 10% off at dollar stores that are filled with Chinese-made products, which appear to be the only stores that will survive the China virus. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. If you don't follow the rules,

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Money saving deals and discounts every day at the Colorado

Patrons 60 years of age or older receive $2 off gate admission on any day of the Fair. One discount per patron. Colorado Lottery Day. On Sunday, September 3 present a non-winning lottery ticket at any gate and receive $2 off adult admission. Must be 18 & over. Loaf ‘N Jug 2 for 1 Mondays

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Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 1-9-12

As you know, whether you are trying to pay off debt, save for a ranch, give to needy children or pursue another dream, having a little extra income can make a big difference. things like making searching and printing off coupons are making bloggers money.

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Tales from the O-NO Ranch 9-27-10

Then it was off to Wally’s World to get a filter for the vacuum and one for the furnace plus a few odds and ends of food staples. but not too large of a cart full. Now the lady up front had about 850 coupons to cash in. After that long delay it appeared she was gonna’ run out of credit cards before she found one that had any credit left

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Hartman Group: Costs keep low-income millenials from

“Low-income shoppers need more affordable solutions for fresh food, whether it’s smaller pack sizes at lower price points, innovations that maximize freshness and prevent spoilage, or discounts that bring down the total cost (such as $5 off when you buy $15 of produce).

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Food recalls are on the rise, but causes are often hard to

Many companies use magnets to pull any metal-contaminated products off the production line and x-rays to find any materials that shouldn’t be there. Prince said if plastic bags are used anywhere in a plant, they’re typically brightly colored, so if they get into the production line, a bright blue plastic will stand out against a white meat.

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In a Sow’s Ear 5-11-09

Coupons available to trade at the Greenhouse Gas store.Opinion six: Reason and logic have no bearing on the harebrained. Remember the crusades when humans sent their children off to war? Remember when accusing a woman of witchcraft doomed her to death by drowning? (Or was that water boarding?)

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All antibiotics for livestock will soon require a vet’s

In 2018, the FDA published a five-year plan for phasing out all antibiotics without a veterinarian’s prescription. The plan should be fully implemented by 2023, although compliance is expected as soon as 2020. “In the long run, practicing good biosecurity, correctly diagnosing illnesses and the proper prescription of the right antibiotic

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Exploring the Flint Hills

Exploring the Flint Hills. Milo Yield Milo-yield | March 8, 2021. Milo Yield. Laugh Tracks in the Dust, Damphewmore Acres, Kan. A week ago my near life-long buddy, ol’ Canby Handy from Platte City, Mo., and his son-in-law, Kiwi Bourne from Smithville, Mo., called and offered me a free ride with them the next day (Saturday) on another of our

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Conway presents CCC, EBT amendment as Hoeven, Stabenow

Conway presents CCC, EBT amendment as Hoeven, Stabenow spar. House Agriculture Committee ranking member Michael Conaway, R-Texas, today presented an amendment to replenish the Commodity Credit Corporation to continue to fund programs that it finances and to continue the Pandemic EBT program to provide payments to families with children who aren

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